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While some birds can be appealing, many can be annoying. Doves and pigeons are enormous problems in Coachella Valley, but not any longer with bird control services from the Bug Guys Pest Control. Take back control of your property contact us today.

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Are you having difficulties keeping flocks of birds away from your property? Are you feeling overwhelmed dealing with their annoying cooing sounds or messes they leave behind?

The Bug Guys Pest Control is pleased to provide bird control services to the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. Birds can be great for spotting as a hobby, but not every bird is cherished among homeowners and business owners.

Wild pigeons, also known as rock doves, are the number one pest problem in urban areas today. Because they tend to live in communal flocks, pigeons that have taken up residence in many of the places, we too, call home including on ranches, farms or backyards. Pigeons and doves can become quite a nuisance. But effective bird control services can solve the problem.

Bird removal services are among the most popular specialties provided by the Bug Guys Pest Control for both residential and commercial customers throughout the greater Indio area.

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Bird Control Services in Coachella Valley, CA

Bird Pests Found Around Indio

Pigeons and doves remain as the top two annoyances for birds in the area. While doves can be a nuisance, pigeons are perhaps more so. The lifespan of the pigeon can exceed 15 years, which is an incredibly long time for a bird. However, in urban areas, their life span is decreased to only 3-4 years.

Pigeons can damage as well as bring disease to your property. Known for not being the cleanliest bird, they have a habit of depositing their feces anyplace they are standing, making all areas of your property their private restroom. This build-up of uric acid in this substance not only causes damage to metal railings, fences and rooftop but can also cause gutters and drains to back up when it rains, damaging roofs and causing flooding.

Needless to say, it’s not very pleasant to live or work at a place where the sidewalks, pathways, driveways or parking lots are filled continuously with bird droppings. In addition, this accumulation of bird droppings can cause severe slip and fall injuries leading to legal liability, as well as create a less than desirable image and rapidly declining property values.

Perhaps the most troublesome feature of having a flock of pigeons on your property is the bacteria they carry. The bacteria present in pigeon droppings also can invite a host of diseases that can adversely affect both human and pet residents of the properties where pigeons have taken roost. In fact, a pigeon can carry up to 50 different strains of diseases, that are harmful to humans. Pigeons and doves will not only take over the outdoors of your property but can also make their way inside. Imagine having to deal with the same amount of pigeon droppings inside your home or office as you would outside. This can be a serious issue and one that needs to be remedied quickly.

Preventing Pigeons or Doves From Calling Your Property Home

To fight off pigeons or doves from making a nest on your property, there are preventative measures you can take. One of the best ways to approach the situation is making the area inhospitable for the birds. Removing food sources is one of the key ways for the birds to get the hint they aren’t welcome.

Solutions For Eliminating A Bird Problem

As bird exterminators in the area, The Bug Guys Pest Control can deal with a bird pest control swiftly. Our certified professionals can easily make your problems with pigeons fly away. We can handle infestations of pigeons at outdoor as well as indoor locations, such as high ceilings in warehouses, barns and dry docks where pigeon communities may be feeding, loafing and roosting together. Trying to eliminate birds on your own or hoping the pigeons will just go away someday is never a satisfactory solution to bird problems. It can be near impossible to rid a property of a bird problem on your own. But we make it easy to relocate these pesky birds. If you’re sick of having pigeon droppings everywhere you look and desire a better solution to dealing with a wild flock that doesn’t care what your property looks like, let our technicians help. Discover for yourself why our pest control service is among the most respected professional pest control service in the Coachella Valley, especially when it comes to eliminating pigeons and doves.

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How much does it cost for bird removal?
Are birds plaguing your property? We happily offer birds removal for our residential and commercial customers. These services work for virtually any bird problem including pigeons which are a notorious problem around the Coachella Valley. It can be tempting to remove these pests on your own, but it isn’t advised. Most homeowners can expect to pay between $150 to $450 for bird control services. The cost of removal depends on how bad the bird problem will be and how many need to be trapped.
How do I keep birds from nesting under my roof tiles?
One of the first areas that birds will look for is any roof shingles that are lost. This is an entry point for them. The key to keeping birds from entering your roof is to seal any areas where they may come. A common issue is near the gutters. These are often a source for birds to make their nest. Another area to look out for is in any chimneys.
Can birds damage a roof?
Sadly, birds can do a great deal of damage to a roof. It doesn’t matter what type of roofing material you have; they can cause problems. Whether it is destroying the shingles or cracking tile roof or the acidic droppings left behind, birds that inhabit the area can be cause for concern not only for disease but for property damage. Many homeowner’s policies will include damage from birds because it is such a common problem.
Do scare tactics like scary eye balloons, and plastic owls, actually work?
The thought that scarecrows could deter birds from eating fields of crops has been used for generations. However, the problem here is that birds often realize, if the deterrent isn’t moving, that it isn’t real. This is the reason that most scarecrows will rotate with the wind. Using things like scary eye balloons will work for a short time, but birds will realize it is fake, and the tactic will no longer work.
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