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Bats love hiding out in attics, garages, and barns. If you have a bat problem in the Coachella Valley, our trained technicians are here to help. We can safely remove bats from your property, and help prevent any recurrence.

Do you suspect you have bats living in your attic or on your property? Unsure of what you can do? When you are facing a bat problem, it is essential to call in the experts. You can rely on the Bug Guys Pest Control!

Bats in California

Chances are you have encountered a bat at some point while living in California. Twenty-five species call this area home, and almost everyone is an insectivore. Being that they eat a broad range of night-active insects make them a great asset in the ecology system. However, while they provide this excellent feature for our properties, limiting the number of annoying insects we see and hear, they do pose health and safety concerns.

The life cycle of the bat can be anywhere from 3 to 30 years depending on what species they are. And bats can be extremely difficult to get rid off as well as dangerous. Bats are almost always drawn to areas that are more secluded that offer shade from the sunlight. This is why they prefer areas such as attics and barns. If you suspect you have a bat problem, don’t delay contact the professionals at the Bug Guys Pest Control. We can inspect your property for clues of an infestation and recommend bat removal services to fit your needs.

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Bat Control Services in Coachella Valley, CA

Safety Concerns

Bats do provide an excellent service by feasting on insects. However, there is a significant safety concern for humans, pets, and other animals. Bats carry diseases, the most common being rabies. Rabies is a viral infection. It affects the central nervous system, which can lead to inflammation in the brain. Once symptoms appear, rabies is almost always fatal. For this main factor, it is advised to never approach a bat on your own. You should contact a professional immediately for bat control. Our trained experts will have the right protection needed to remove bats from your home quickly and effectively.

Warning Signs

If you notice strange noises in your attic or see bats leaving your home at dusk, you should immediately call a professional company to take care of your infestation. Bat droppings are another clue, and bats flying around lights near your home can be another possible warning sign. You want to make sure that your home is protected against any kind of invasion, and our company can humanely take care of your bat problems.

Not every bat you encounter hosts disease like rabies. But it is better to err on the side of caution when dealing with these pests. If you see a bat out in the open, don’t attempt to pick it up. If you are concerned at the potential health risks, immediately call your professional pest control, the Bug Guys Pest Control company.

Reliable Services

We understand that having a bat problem is something no homeowner wants to deal with. Whether it is the scary thought of the potential for diseases, or that they are unable to capture the bats, we are here to help. As bats exterminator experts, we are trained to handle bats of any species, no matter where they are residing on your property.

Our company offers fast and reliable services that you can count on. We always put the customer first and guarantee all of our services. We are not satisfied with the work we do unless you are. We can help you with any species of bat. Our experts know how to identify them and understand what the proper removal method is for each bat type. We are proud to offer services that you can trust.

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What does a bat removal cost?
Do you have bats in the attic or on your property? These types of pests are not only frightening but can carry diseases. We offer competitively priced bat removal services in the Coachella Valley. Removing a single bat can cost as little as $200. However, to get rid of an entire colony, it can cost as much as $1000+. For a more accurate quote on services, contact us today.
Does homeowners' insurance cover bat removal?
The good news for homeowners is that insurance might cover bat removal if you find you have an infestation. While insurance might not cover the cost of all repairs, they will pay a portion of the damage and a portion or all of the cost of getting rid of these pests. You may want to check with your insurance carrier to determine if these costs are covered or what the policy is for reimbursement if you have the services performed.
How do you know if you have a bat infestation?
Bats don’t always make themselves known. They often like more secluded, dark areas. But they do like being in places that they have a source of food. You will know if you have a bat infestation problem if you hear them flying around at night. Typically it will sound like they are hitting the walls or you will listen to the wing flapping. For most homeowners, they will see the bats. Bats will usually be found in the basement or the attics, and outside in barns.
When can bats be removed?
What many homeowners don’t know is that bats are a protected colony. This means they shouldn’t be killed. Bats must be removed from the attic, and not killed. Contacting a pest control company for removal is the best option. We will trap bats through a one-way exclusion device, sealing the building is a critical component to successfully capturing a bat.
Are bats in the attic dangerous?
While bats might seem frightening, they really just want to be left alone. If you don’t interact with them, they won’t communicate with you. Leaving them be is the best advice for homeowners. Contacting Bug Guys Pest Control is the best solution to getting rid of disease-infested bats.
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