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Wasp Control


Wasps can look different, depending on their species. However, no wasp species looks like a bee. All wasps are distinguished from their flying insect cousins by their two sets of wings and thinner abdomen. Wasps can vary in color from black, yellow, have a greenish tint, or even alternating stripes of color. But most are primarily black.

Wasps are the most active and dangerous in the summer in Coachella Valley, California. That is the time when they are laying their eggs in whatever nest they have inhabited. In most places they then leave the eggs to hibernate during the winter, which means you don't have to worry as much about wasp infestations during that time. This will happen to some extent in Coachella Valley, but our temperate and warm climate means that we deal with wasps almost all year long. Therefore receiving professional wasp nest removal services is even more important.

There is a lot of variance in the way that wasps live and nest. Their chosen living situation differentiates the many species of wasp. For example, some wasps live in colonies, while others are solitary insects. Some wasps will even create nests made of mud, usually located on the side of a wall. Wasps can also make nests in trees. Finally, there are species of wasp that do not construct their own nests but will live in holes that are already created. These holes could be in trees and rocks around houses. As you can see, wasps can be hiding in a multitude of places on your property, which makes it essential that you hire a wasp exterminator to eradicate them for you.


    Unlike bees, wasps are capable of stinging multiple times. Depending on the species, wasps are mildly aggressive, and they will sting if they are provoked. Some species of wasp will even attack if you stay too long in their territory or by their nest. A single wasp sting is not fatal. But because wasps can sting multiple times and often live in hives of hundreds, having a nest in your yard can potentially dangerous to you and your family.

    Unless the person stung is allergic, most wasp stings will only cause minor pain and discomfort. You will know that you got stung by a wasp because the area will show slight redness, swelling, and itching. A welt will often appear at the site of the bite as well. If an allergic reaction occurs, advanced medical attention is advised.

    The best way to ensure that you and your family do not have to deal with wasp stings is to get rid of them before they become a problem. You should always call in a professional wasp exterminators with the proper equipment like Bug Guys Pest Control in Coachella Valley to remove wasps because of the high risk of being stung.


    Bug Guys Pest Control offers the best in Coachella Valley wasp control. We use professional grade products to exterminate the wasps. We also provide wasp nest removal. Of all of the ways to exterminate wasps, wasp nest removal is the most likely to work. Removing their nest forces the wasps to move on to a new location.

    So, don't delay. Call today to schedule your free wasp inspection and estimate

Contact us right now at the Bug Guys Pest Control, so, that we can start working for you. We'll answer any questions that you may have as well as address any concerns or comments. There really is no pest control company quite like ours. The next time you have bees and wasps on your property, talk to us today or simply email us here. We've got your back!

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