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Mosquito Control

Like many other areas around the United States, Coachella Valley has a mosquito problem that can be difficult to control. Mosquitoes make even the most beautiful day difficult to bear, and if they infest areas in and around your home, you may not feel like going outside at all. Working with a professional pest control company can help you reduce the mosquito population and allow you to enjoy being outside again.

Facts About Mosquitoes

In order to lay eggs, female mosquitoes need protein from blood. This is why they, and not male mosquitoes, are the only ones that bite. One mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs at a time, which is how the mosquito population quickly spirals out of control. It does not take long for a given area to become overrun by these little pests.

There are fewer mosquitoes flying around in the afternoon, because temperatures are at their highest and most bugs are looking for a place to hide out. Therefore, if you are planning an outdoor activity in a mosquito prone area, it may be best to go out when temperatures are at their peak.

Four chemicals can keep mosquitoes at bay; they are DEET, IR3535, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, and Picaridin.

Why Should You Be Worried About Mosquitoes?

Every year, a million people across the world die from diseases carried by mosquitoes. In addition to humans, dogs and horses are at risk. As a result, it is crucial to figure out how to deal with a mosquito problem quickly and efficiently.

How Can You Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

If you truly want to cut back on the number of mosquitoes around your property, it is important to get rid of standing water, as that is where mosquitoes lay eggs. There are also several plants that are known to repel mosquitoes, like catnip, citrosa and rosemary. Consider adding them to your landscaping in areas that you frequent, like along the walkway leading up to your home. Finally, spray your bushes, shrubs, and tall grasses with an insecticide. It is difficult to treat for flying pests, because they have to land on the product to be affected, but taking this step will help reduce the number of mosquitoes you have.

Get Help For Your Mosquito Problem

No one wants to be attacked by mosquitoes as soon as they walk outside. Mosquito bites are itchy and uncomfortable, and they make it difficult to enjoy even the most beautiful day. By working with a professional pest control exterminator, you will cut down on the number of mosquitoes around your property pretty quickly. Bug Guys is committed to helping you with this and any other pest issue you might face, and we will work until you see results. We have more than two decades of experience, and we happily service the Coachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio and La Quinta areas. Contact us and find out what we can do for you!

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