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Gopher Control

Gopher Control is among our most requested pest removal services at the Bug Guys Pest Control. Although gophers do have a few good points in their favor, such as their ability to keep backyard and garden soil well aerated, there are plenty more reasons why responsible home and property owners call on our professional gopher control service for their prompt removal.

Identifying A Gopher Problem

Are you curious if you have a gopher problem at your Coachella Valley property? You won’t always see a gopher in action, but rest assured they do make their presence known in a few ways. The issue is the holes they leave in the yard. If you have noticed multiple holes popping up, it could be a gopher problem. However, these are often confused with moles as well. Both animals have an elaborate underground network and make several entry points.

There are five species of gophers that call California home. Botta’s pocket gopher is typically the most encountered of the five species, and the ones we handle every day. They range from six to ten inches and spend most of their life underground. Most homeowners won’t see a gopher and will only notice the fresh soil mounds in the yard.

If you are unsure whether or not you have a gopher or mole problem, the Bug Guys Pest Control can answer this question. We know no one wants to live with a vermin problem, and we are here to help.

Why Gophers Are A Problem

The holes made by gophers pose an ongoing danger which can result in a twisted ankle, not only for humans but also for horses and other livestock. Gophers create an elaborate system of underground tunnels which can undermine the trees on your property, even causing tree trunks to collapse. Gophers can also wreak havoc on all the hard work you put into your garden because they love to chew on bark, fruit, vegetables, leaves, roots, and stems. They can make quick work of your landscaping, making it look pretty terrible in no time.

Another good reason to utilize our gopher control services is to eliminate the larger predators that usually find their way onto your property in search of a gopher snack, such as coyotes, weasels, skunks, badgers, foxes, and bobcats. And who needs the time and expense of repairing the telephone cables and water lines that gophers tend to chew on, causing an unwelcome interruption of service. The mounds their tunnels cause can also ruin lawnmower blades. In addition, the presence of gophers invites infestations of other pests, including fleas, ticks, mites, and lice. These pesky creatures can also be carriers of such dangerous diseases as rabies.

Our Gopher Removal Services

We understand that no one wants a destructive rodent, pest, or other vermin taking over their property. Taking care of the problem is the key to preventing further damage from occurring. However, we do not recommend handling gophers on your own. The gopher extermination methods used by the Bug Guys Pest Control are very efficient and applied by experienced professionals who gain quick results without endangering people or household pets. If you are starting to see gopher holes appear in your backyard, if your prized garden fruits and vegetables are beginning to disappear, or you suspect that gopher families have taken up residence on your property, give the Bug Guys Pest Control a call for a free consultation. Our process of gopher removal can include baits and trapping for the safest way to take care of the problem.

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We pride ourselves on being the most experienced and efficient Gopher exterminators in The Coachella Valley. All work is done by licensed and skilled technicians, and all at competitive prices.

To eliminate the headaches caused by gophers, and a wide range of other pests including bees, ants, termites, and rodents, call Bug Guys Pest Control today at 760-565-1203 or email us to solve all of your gopher problems and other pest concerns.

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