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Animal Trapping

There is plenty of vermin that are found outside the home. Some not as destructive as others, while others can make your yard look like a landmine field. Sadly, vermin don’t always stay outside. They can easily make their way inside and start calling your home their own. No matter where they reside, one thing is for sure, they can be destructive. If vermin are plaguing your Coachella Valley property, you must have them removed in order to protect your family as well as your pets and the property itself. The Bug Guys Pest Control is an animal trapping company in addition to our complete pest removal services. We recommend our animal trapping services any time you suspect or know you have vermin in or around your home. It is not advisable for you to try to handle this task yourself.

The Hazards of DIY Pest Control

Raccoons Caught in Live Trap

It can be tempting to try and trap animals yourself, but this is not a great idea. Wildlife control is a difficult task and a dangerous one at that. The animals themselves are potentially dangerous as they may bite or scratch, which presents the risk of exposure to a range of wildlife diseases. Diseases like rabies can affect both you and your pets. For this reason, you should never try to trap or handle any wild animal that appears to be sick or that is showing unusual behavior. Don’t gamble with your safety, leave control of such animals to us.

Accidents and falls are also among the hazards that come with trying to trap wildlife. For example, some of the work may involve working on a roof or in an attic. Working at height means that there is a risk of falling from a ladder or through a ceiling. Additionally, California has laws that govern what must be done with an animal that has been trapped. It is always best to hire a professional company that has the required experience, training and certification to capture animals on residential or commercial property.

Types of Vermin Found In Calfornia?

You may be wondering what the most common vermin are in your area. This is no surprise. If you know what to look for you can identify the problem and get help quickly from the professionals. It is likely that you will come across gophers, moles, mice, rats, and raccoons. Each of these is destructive in their own way too. The gopher and mole burrow underground and will destroy anyone’s yard. These are difficult pest to get under control, especially if you aren’t using the proper method for removal. While you could use poison as a way to kill these animals, it isn’t humane nor is it safe for your furry pets. Aside from it not being safe, it will also leave your property with dead mole or gophers that will generate an unpleasant smell. No matter if you have a mole, mice, gopher, or raccoons inside or outside the home, our technicians can handle it.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Trapped Raccoon by Pest Control Professionals

Our pest control professionals know the habitats and the habits of the animals we trap. This allows us to use techniques that will not affect non-targeted species such as your pets and any other harmless animals on your property. Our trained professionals know how to handle these vermin to ensure complete removal, quickly. We use the best equipment and approaches that allow to trap any vermin and ensure your family's safety and that of your pets.

It is essential to contact us at the first sign of a nuisance animal. Our pest control experts are able to encounter and eliminate these animals using environmentally friendly and humane methods. Note that pest control is not limited to just catching the animal. It is also necessary to identify the factors that have attracted them to your property. These factors may range from openings at the roofline to pet food containers that have been left outside. We will offer advice on what measures to take to keep pests off your property.

If rodents or other pests are causing trouble on your Coachella Valley property, get in touch with us at the Bug Guys Pest Control as soon as possible. We provide pest control services to Indio and surrounding communities. Our trained experts can solve your vermin problem quickly and safely. GIve us a call to schedule an appointment at 760-565-1203 or email us here!

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