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Pest Control in Desert Hot Springs, California

Signs of Vermin in a Residential or Commercial Building

The year-round warm climate in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., often leads to pest problems at residential and commercial properties. If you see one mouse or cockroach, then there are many more of the pests lurking in hidden areas. Most vermin are nocturnal, and you will only see the insects or rodents if you enter a kitchen at night quietly. Signs of insects are usually seen along baseboards where nearsighted rodents travel or inside cabinets in a kitchen where ants search for food crumbs. If you notice black specks or yellow stains on the floor, countertops or on cabinet shelves, then this is a sign that cockroaches or mice are searching for food.

Call a Wildlife Expert to Trap Snakes and Bats

With the rapid building development in Desert Hot Springs, other wildlife such as bats, snakes and squirrels are displaced from natural habitats and are entering buildings where humans reside. The Bug Guys Pest Control company suggests calling an expert when there are mammals or reptiles near or inside a home to avoid bites that can lead to emergency situations. Wild mammals can carry the rabies virus without showing any signs of the disease, and a simple scratch or bite from an infected animal leads to death. Because of the hot temperatures in this area along with the proximity to a desert, scorpions are also a problem, and a sting from this wildlife is painful and dangerous.

Avoid Injuries by Contacting a Professional Exterminator

While wasps and bees are useful insects that help to pollinate plants or produce honey, no one wants to have a beehive or wasp’s nest in a home’s attics or walls. Because many individuals are allergic to the venom in an insect’s stings, it is essential to contact a pest control expert who knows how to eliminate bees or wasps safely without incurring an injury. Additional vermin that infest a home are termites that destroy a building’s wooden frame by creating tunnels or silverfish that seek moisture in damp areas of a home such as bathrooms and laundry closets. Fleas can also infest a home by riding in on a pet’s fur or entering from a neighboring building.

Contact The Bug Guys Pest Control Today

The Bug Guys Pest Control has a team of workers with over 20 years of combined experience who understand specialized methods of getting rid of each type of vermin. Simply capturing or eliminating some types of wildlife or insects is not enough because there are larvae or infants hidden in wall spaces, basements or attics. An expert exterminator helps a customer to eliminate adult pests while finding ways to avoid a new generation of vermin. Contact The Bug Guys Pest Control today at 760-972-9678 or 760-660-1888 for a consultation and quote about pest control at a commercial or residential property.

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