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Pest Control in Coachella, CA

You should be very flattered. Insects find both you and your property quite attractive. But you can do without this kind of attention. There's no doubt that insects can be very beneficial to humans. But they can do a great deal of damage as well. They cause injury and spread disease. They can cause injury and "illness" to both indoor and outdoor property as well. And the longer you wait to deal with insect invaders, it's both harder to get rid of them and easier for them to return. For a couple of wandering bugs that grocery store can of insecticide will do just fine. But for a real infestation you need the services of professionals who are licensed, insured, and who understand pests and how to get rid of them. You want pest control professionals too who are part of the Coachella community. This insures that they not only understand the unique pest control needs of the area, but can respond quickly as well. And what are some of the pest problems these Coachella pest experts can handle for you?


Easterners don't believe it, but we certainly have four seasons here in California. And as we enter late summer certain kinds of ground dwelling wasps take up residence in residential yards. Unlike bees, these wasps are aggressive and sting without provocation. This creates a painful and possibly dangerous situation for those with allergies. Those underground nests have got to go, and we can do so safely and quickly using a variety of methods including traps, chemicals, and property alterations that discourage nesting. Various species of ants may be attracted to your property by living and dead vegetative matter. But as summer cools down, they'll want a warmer and drier home for their colony, which is why you're starting to see them move into yours now. Before they get too comfortable, our technicians will remove them by going after the colony itself with traps and insecticides.


People are often embarrassed to report flea and bedbug infestations because of what they imply. Such infestations only mean that opportunistic, disease bearing parasites have been lucky enough to find you. And they won't always be with you, but will hide in bedding, carpeting, and even crevices in your home, making them especially hard to truly get rid of. Our technicians can safely treat and provide routine maintenance to indoor living areas to make sure they don't return.

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Insects are a essential part of life. But if they've invaded your property, we can stop them with interfering with your life. Contact us today to set up an inspection and begin the process of reclaiming your home.

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