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Pest Control in Cathedral City

Cockroaches are a bane unto you when they inhabit your space in a residential or commercial setting. You have to deal with cockroach infestation in a determined effort to get rid of them. They like Cathedral City just as they like other California cities and towns because of the warm climate that offers them more food opportunities.

Foraging For Food In Your Home

Of course you didn’t invite them in, but your neighbor might have left food items out in the open. Cockroaches will follow a food trail and will end up in your home simply because they’ve run out of food next door and are searching for a new supply of food. They will forage for food anywhere and that includes your kitchen areas. Our licensed exterminators will demolish the cockroach population at your address and prevent future infestations.

Cockroaches carry a trail of bacteria as they go from place to place, and they deposit the bacteria in your home or business place. The result is that they contaminate your food, kitchen cabinets and countertops. Our eradication product will rid your spaces of cockroaches, and you’ll never need to buy over-the-counter products again that did not get rid of the problem to begin with.

Pesky Spiders

Black widow spiders are known to be quite toxic. If you have noticed them in a specific area, cover your hands by wearing gloves when placing your hands in that area to avoid being bitten by this poisonous spider. Recognize a brown recluse spider immediately. It has a brownish color with a black line that runs down its back. This spider lurks about in basements and garages. Call us for all spider removal needs that you have.

Ants Everywhere In Cathedral City

Ants are everywhere you turn, and some are more coordinated than others. The ants you see in your home here in Cathedral City are more likely to be Argentines. They hide out in potted plants and bathroom sink areas. While they do not bite or sting, they’re definitely pests that should be removed from your home when you discover them in moisture-laden spaces. We can rid your home of these ants.

Fire ants are responsible for nasty stings that hurt. So look out for these pests and get a fast response from us to eradicate these ants and their nests. They will make you and your family members, especially children, very uncomfortable in outdoor settings when they reside inside your home.

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